Thursday, August 29, 2013

Vintage Circus Baby Shower


Lindsay is welcoming her baby boy to the world very soon. Hostess Jaye reached out to Happy Everything Events for our help with some of the decor for the baby shower in Atlanta.

Jaye sent me the picture above of Lindsay's nursery inspiration. (Check it out at Baby Super Mall here).

 The pennant banner matches the one in the inspiration picture and can be used in Lindsay's 
baby's nursery after the baby shower.

These coordinating food labels were showcased at the shower's food table.

Lindsay has been chronicling her pregnancy in photos and Jaye wanted to highlight them at the shower. We created bright, fun photo frames to match the Vintage Circus Baby Shower theme. 

Huge thanks to Jaye for sharing photos from the actual shower:

The shower looked beautiful and Happy Everything Events was proud to help out!

Congratulations, Lindsay. 

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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Rainbow Giraffe Birthday Girl!

I get excited to make decor for birthday parties. 
I get really excited when I get to be there in person to set it all up. 
But what makes me even most excited about Molly's Rainbow Giraffe Birthday Party is 
that Mommy Katy and I have been friends since we were girls.

Happy Everything Events was truly honored to be in South Carolina on Saturday and help make Molly's 1st birthday party extra special.

I was able to incorporate Molly's favorite animal, the giraffe throughout the party decor, including the high-chair garland (pictured above) as well as this adorable centerpiece;

 the food labels (that we later filled in);

the water bottle labels;

 and the "happy birthday" pennant banner.

We captured Molly's favorites on a chalkboard, which served as the centerpiece on the mantel.

 Of course, no birthday party could be complete without a party hat. Molly's was giraffe-inspired!

 The food table's centerpiece featured two giraffe toys.

The food, prepared by Mommy Katy and Grandmother Beth was nothing short of spectacular 
on this colorful table. 

Don't know what to do with silverware? Fill mason jars with tissue paper and viola! 
Mommy Katy's idea was perfect!

Even the cake matched the giraffe theme! Thanks, Grandma Kaye for the cake!

As favors, Mommy Katy made giraffe shaped candies and put them in 
adorable rainbow chevron favor bags. 

Happy 1st Birthday, Molly Girl! I can hardly believe that you've gotten so big already!
Aunt Lindy loves you!

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Monday, August 12, 2013

Little Miss Ladybug!

Little Miss Cora celebrated her first birthday yesterday in Virginia and Happy Everything Events was there to make her party extra special!


We captured her favorites on this chalkboard, which served as the centerpiece for the party that was held in their favorite park.

At the park, the wooden benches were the perfect spot for the "Happy Birthday" pennant banner.

 Guests drank "bug juice" as part of this brunch party.

 The cupcake toppers and silverware wraps featured the party's logo.

Birthday bubbles were the party favors!

Even the water bottles celebrated Cora's birthday!

We hung pink poms from the trees.

 Pink parasols led the way along the sidewalk to the birthday brunch in the park.

Her ladybug party hat included spiral antennae.

For a fun activity, we hid plastic ladybugs in the park and the young guests had a scavenger hunt looking for them!

By the end, Little Miss Cora was tired from her special day!

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